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When can I visit the museum?

A visit is possible during working days, on Saturdays and Sundays and on public holidays, but only by appointment.

How can I make an appointment?

Visit the contact page and fill in the form to make a visiting request.
We advice you to make your request at least two weeks in advance to your visit, so have time to schedule your visit and confirm your request.
In exceptional cases, it can also be done by telephone.
Don't forget to include your phone number in case something comes up last minute.

Why do I need to make an appointement?

Tarot Museum Belgium is a living museum. Guido Gillabel lives with his wife Marie-Claire and friendly dog Indra at the museum between the tarot cards.
Guido is happy to make time for you and show his wonderfull collection.

Can I get a private tour in the museum?

Guido likes to give a private tour that easily takes 120 minutes. This tour is mainly intended for people who already have basic knowledge.

Can we visit the museum with a group?

Groups of 5 to max 10 visitors are welcome.
Duration max 150 minutes.
Comprehensive tour highlighting the unique pieces and history of the tarot cards. Questions can be asked.
Contribution: 10 euros/person
Payment in advance.
Start of the visit: 1.30 pm

Does Guido give lectures at the museum?

Guido gives exceptionally lectures/workshops in the museum for small groups (min 6 - max 10 employees).
Usually on Saturdays, starting at 10am, ending at 5pm. Lunch break 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m.
Lecture, guided tour of the museum, coffee, tea, water : 45 euros/person
Bring your own packed lunch.

Testimonials from around the world

Annick van Damme
tarot coach and author

Your door is always open to me. You share your knowledge about tarot and your vision of spiritual life. Meeting you in your museum and home port is always a moment of resourcing.

Rafał T. Prinke
author, researcher, collector

My wife and I visited the Tarot Museum in August 2022 and were truly cordially received by Marie and Guido. The collection is amazing, with many rare decks that I had never seen before, well exposed for visitors to inspect them closely in glass cases. Besides cards themselves, there is also a whole range of other tarot-related items, from books to music records. This is certainly a place which every tarot lover will grately enjoy

Eugene Vinitski, Tarotmania

artist and Tarot creator.

Tarot Museum Belgium is one of the most interesting and serious Tarot's collections in Europe.

Being hospitably accepted by the Guido Gillabel, Director of this unique Museum,  you always immerse yourself in a friendly atmosphere and discover the unique world of Tarot.

Vanessa Decort

Educational Master and Master in Audiovisual and Visual Arts - illustrator
artist of the Sun and Moon Tarot

With its incredible wealth of illustrations and precious information, Guido Gillabel's Tarot Museum is an inspiring place that is definitely worth a visit.

Even if you don't believe in oracle games or that tarot can reflect your inner state at any given time, you can still enjoy its rich history and the beautiful works of art it has produced and continues to produce.

The specific collection of classic and modern tarot decks from all over the world also contains rare collector's items, which you can view and where Guido can give you a lot of fascinating information.

The collection is not limited to printed decks only. You can also admire fascinating documents in addition to original prints, paintings, sculptures and objects that all have tarot as their starting point.'

Georges Colleuil

Researcher - Writer - Philosopher - Filmmaker

When we talk about the Tarot, its magic, its link with all the cultures of the world, its history, its ability to inspire the greatest artists and creators on the planet, two names come up insistently. Guido Gillabel and the Tarot Museum of Belgium.

The first is the name of an enthusiast as there are few. A man with the face of a magician with a white beard who reminds me of Gandalf the white! A solid and cultured man who invested all he had of energy, means, intelligence and sensitivity to collect for decades thousands of dazzling Tarots among which we find rare, exceptional or misknown. The second is the name of the museum he created, a veritable temple of the Tarot! A disturbing place to visit, a research laboratory, a house open to what, in my opinion, is the essence of the Tarot: the link that we can weave with ourselves, with the universe and with our fellow human beings. The Tarot, a key to brotherhood, a universal language.

Thank you Guido le Blanc!

About Guido Gillabel and the museum

Guido was interested in art, spirituality and the paranormal at a very young age. In 1979 he founded the Contact Circle for Paranormal and Occult Interested People in Mechelen, which was renamed De Nieuwe Mens (the new man) a year later. This is how he came into contact with the tarot. His first lessons (1980) were taught in a private home by Elisabeth Halsberghe. The love for the tarot had sprouted. More training followed with, among others, the writer of many esoteric books Noud van den Eerenbeemt, but especially Hans Wesseling.

By a coincidence (a speaker did not show up) Guido started giving lectures and courses.

Guido wanted to show his students different angles to the tarot and therefore started collecting. Because the collection was soon bursting at the seams, Guido decided to only give courses at home. This is how tarotHaven was created, a place where you could view different tarot decks during the courses.“tarotHaven” very well reflected the essence in Dutch and English. This was more difficult for other languages. Due to the growing international interest, the name changed to Tarot Museum Belgium with the subtitle “a living museum”.

In 2018-2019 the museum was enlarged and renovated into what it is today.

Guido has been teaching tarot courses for 30 years, but in recent years the museum has become his priority: a place where tarot enthusiasts meet.