Tarot Museum Belgium

a living museum

 contemporary and
antique tarot decks

funny tarot gadgets and

fortune-telling games

old etchings and 

cartomancy postcards

A unique collection  of more then 3500 tarot decks, oracles & items

Tarot Museum Belgium is a continuous intensive search.

A quest for the essence of the tarot cards, swinging between spirituality and history, between "wishful thinking" and facts.

Tarot Museum Belgium is a living museum.

Sharing knowledge to those who wish to receive it, 

is the ultimate goal.

Looking for a specific object in the collection?

A meeting center where you can discover old and contemporary tarot decks.

Welcome dear tarot lover,

Although I try to regularly supplement this website with novelties in the collection, you will only see a fraction of the collection here. I have tried to make the information with each image as accurate as possible. Unfortunately I don't have a database: all info about dates, publishers, etc were on my FB which was closed unexpectedly and without warning: so all info gone...

If you find any inaccuracies here, please let me know and I will correct them if necessary. Communication is important. If you see an image of a deck that you own the rights to and don't want it to appear here, simply let me know and the image will be removed. Also vice versa: if you think that a certain deck deserves a place here, you can also let us know. Please note: ALL images here are from the museum's collection.

Be welcome here on this site and in real life in Heffen-Mechelen, Belgium,

Guido Gillabel

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